Episode #3 (September 23rd, 2016)
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Guest: Filippo Dinolfo with a review of the Audio Technica LP60 turntable

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Music and sound FX: BenSound and Audionautix.

Quick shoutout to Rogue Amoeba, the creators of  Audio Hijack, which is the software I used to record the Skype call with Filippo. Thanks for your support!

2 comments on “Episode #3 – Filippo, Audio Technica LP60 review

  • thanks for the pod and the review. Been using the LP-60 for about 6 months now. Its a good unit, no major issues, works fine although had the weird issue with Metallica’s Black Album as well. Works/sounds really good with jazz and blues although I would like a stronger bass to it – this could reflect a substandard speaker im using via aux -in? I would love to upgrade but as you said there’s a huge price gap for the next step up.

    • The lack of bass could be due to a lot of things, like the built-in pre-amp or your amp itself. I went for a vintage turntable with a vintage receiver and speakers. The total was around $200 – $250. Might be worth looking into.

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