Episode #8 (January 23rd, 2017) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Alex DeRoches of Viryl Technologies Links mentioned: Viryl Technologies Notes: Back in December, I talked to Alex DeRoches. He is the marketing and media manager at Viryl Technologies, a Canadian company that will revolutionize the world of record pressing. Their latest Warmtone presses are state-of-the-art record… Read More

Episode #7 (December 2nd, 2016) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Kyle Key of Groove Fab record accessories Links mentioned (in random order): GrooveFab.com Now Spinning shelf at Funky Moose Records Notes: I’ve been talking to Kyle Key, the owner for GrooveFab record accessories.… Read More

Episode #6 (November 18th, 2016) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Paul Miller from Precision Record Pressing Links mentioned (in random order): Precision Pressing Funky Moose Records Record Jacket Corporation GZ Media Notes: We’re talking about the new pressing plant that will go live at the end of this year. Paul Miller is the VP of sales… Read More

Episode #4 (October 7th, 2016) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Steve Steffler of Sometimes Music Notes: I’ve been under the weather for about a week now, so I didn’t have proper time or the voice do record a whole podcast. However, before my voice got affected, Steve and I had a great conversation about anything,… Read More

Episode #3 (September 23rd, 2016) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Filippo Dinolfo with a review of the Audio Technica LP60 turntable Links to news articles: Beastie Boys announce 30th-anniversary vinyl reissue of ‘License To Ill’ CHECK OUT THE WORLD’S FIRST PLAYABLE JIGSAW VINYL TEN GORGEOUS TURNTABLES UNDER $500 THAT WILL SPIN YOUR STACKS OF WAX IN… Read More

Episode #2 (September 9th, 2016) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Steve Chase of GrooveWasher Links to news articles: Vinyl 101: Everything you need to know before investing in a record collection ENGLISH HERITAGE HONOUR FREDDIE MERCURY WITH BLUE PLAQUE Decades-old machines turn used CDs into playable vinyl at Afropunk music fest Album(s) mentioned: Radiohead –… Read More

Episode #1 (August 26th, 2016) Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play. Guest: Frank Landry of Channel33RPM.com Links to news articles: What the “vinyl comeback” really looks like. Stranger Things OST coming to vinyl Top 10 selling records of all time Album(s) mentioned: Mono – Hymn to the immortal wind. Notes: I have some tweaking to do in… Read More

Hi there, There’s not too much here right now, but I’m preparing to create a rad podcast about music, vinyl and the people connected to those 2. It will contain news, new releases and interviews with people in the industry, whether they’re in a band or have a YouTube channel about vinyl, I want to… Read More