Moose Tracks is a bi-weekly podcast for the vinyl community.

I’m Mark, the owner of Funky Moose Records. I started doing YouTube videos last year, as I thought it was cool to share some of the “inside information” I had my hands on with vinyl lovers. Although I enjoyed creating the videos, the editing was quite the chore on my outdated Macbook. It still runs great, but it’s not handling 1080p video so great.
I still wanted to share what I know and learned over time, and with by background in radio, I started looking into podcasts. After a lot of planning and thinking about how I wanted to do this, on August 26th, 2016, the first episode went live.

The format

There are 3 main segments:

  • The news where I share the most recent news article that received a lot of love on social media.
  • The new releases where I go over some new and noteworthy new releases.
  • The interview/review where I talk to someone in the vinyl community/business or review an album or audio gear.

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